"Family owned, Hands-on operation providing personalized services for 30+ years"

Hucal Safaris is a family owned and operated business with 25 years experience. We deliver quality hunts and excellent fishing. We have covered most of Argentina and have developed our lodges in the best areas to each end. Whether you are looking for a great trophy , native South American species , tons of birds or great fishing , let us know and we will gladly organize the trip of a lifetime.

As a team, our family has served thousands of avid sportsmen and sportswomen from around the world.

Our long trajectory has given us the recognition we have today as one of the leading hunting & fishing companies in South America. We are proud to have guided many Diamond, Gold, Silver, Weatherby and Diana Awards and numerous top quality entries to the SCI Record Book of Trophy Animals, publication printed by the Safari Club International.

We support and promote conservation and keep the hunting tradition alive.
To this end, we generously make yearly donations to numerous reputable entities.

If you need further references, please look into the Hunting Report On-line.
The Hunting Report
covers the entire world of hunting.

Pablo Rossi started sharing his hunting experience and knowledge back in the 70´s.

He made hunting his profession and founded Hucal Safaris in 1983. As a PH, Pablo has led
successful hunting expeditions throughout Argentina, achieving numerous entries into the Safari Club International Record Book, many of them Gold Medals. Now he personally hosts hunters from the USA, Europe, Asia, Central and South America.

Germán Rossi, Pablo´s son, is an avid hunter and fisherman. Germán has also hunted all his life and started guiding his first hunts at age fifteen. From 1995 to 2004, he spent several months each year promoting the business in the US and attending school in Florida. He obtained his MBA and now uses his education and language ability to better serve sportsmen and sportswomen from around the world. Germán and his father Pablo personally conduct each hunt.

Norma Rossi, Pablo´s wife, coordinates arrivals at airports, makes hotel reservations and books flights for each guest to coordinate their stay in Argentina. She is very familiar with the different non-hunting, tourism activities in Argentina, which complements services very efficiently for the international travelers.