Argentina is sixth in the world in size and offers various types of terrain and climate. Therefore, our game is naturally sparced throughout the country.

At Hucal Safaris, we make sure our guests are taken to the best hunting and fishing areas in the country. Our objective is to provide the best combination of wild game, accessibility and accommodations. For this reason, we personally research and inspect each area before its careful selection.

Northern Argentina is hot and dry.
There, our guests can shoot thousands of Doves and Pigeons per day and also find big game species, such as Brown Brockett Deer and Peccaries. Notheastern Argentina is a more humid area and there you can find a good combination of fishing, Waterfowl and Big Game hunting. Corrientes Province, for instance, offers excellent waterfowl and fresh water fishing. Entre Rios, on the other hand, offers a great variety of exotic game, such as Buffalo, Axis Deer, Blackbuck, Wild Goat, Multihorned Sheep and Wild Pigs.
Capybaras and Brockett Deer are also hunted from here in nearby Province of Chaco.

Buenos Aires Province offers a good combination of bird hunts and some big game species. We hunt over eight species
of Ducks, Perdiz over pointers, Doves and Pigeons. In the same areas, or within reasonable driving distance, we can also hunt Russian Boars, Red Deer, Wild Goat and Fallow Deer.

Patagonia area covers almost 30% of Argentina and it is located in the lower section. This vast region is mountainous in the west and flat in the east. It is home of abundant native and exotic game. We can hunt Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Alpine Ibex and Père David´s Deer. Not far from there, we can offer outstanding flyfishing for browns and rainbow trout.

We have personally selected a combination of first class accommodations with hunting and fishing options in this area. The National Park Los Alerces offers a unique taste of the Patagonia fishing experience. The staff is very professional and friendly, the accommodations are first class and the fishing is supperb.