Before you travel to Argentina, you must check with an Argentine Consulate near you if you need a VISA. Currently, US Citizens are required a Reciprocity Fee Visa
(approximate cost $ 160 - good for 10 years)  

If you must bring your gun into Argentina, be prepared to complete forms and expect longer delays in between each leg of your trip. We will gladly walk you through this process.
For convenience purposes, we listed a number of Argentine consulates and their jurisdiction.
The Gun Entry Form  is free and must be taken in person to the Argentine Consulate of your jurisdiction prior to your travel date, for you must have it approved, signed and paid for beforehand. For your convenience, we are a Benelli Authorized Outfiter and have fine weapons available. 

Please check for the latest Gun Entry Regulations and/or consular requirements and its fees. They can change without notice. 

We are happy to assist you in getting the required paperwork.  All Consular requirements are responsibility of each guest. 
We are not responsible for any flight cancellations or delays. Every person traveling to Argentina must have current insurance coverage plan for any eventuality the trip may present, such as travel, hunting, property damage/loss, personal injury and death, etc.   

Packing list: 

  • Wingshooting: Shoulder pad, shooting gloves, eye goggles/sun glasses, ear protection, shell pouch, cammo ok, orange ok. Small bottle repellent. Sun block.
  • Upland birds: Comfortable hiking boots, canvas pants or jeans, shooting gloves, orange hat, eye & ear protection, shell pouch. Prepare to dress in layers.
  • Waterfowl: cammo clothes, hat, eye & ear protection, shooting gloves, warm clothes, NO waders, light raincoat, flashlight, shell pouch.
  • Big Game: binoculars, hiking boots, cammo clothes, prepare to dress in layers, hat, flashlight.
  • GENERAL: camera, batteries, charger, medicine, flashlight, utility tool/pocket knife, vision glasses, binoculars.